Greater Cincinnati Orff Schulwerk Association Bonus Materials

Thank you all for a wonderful workshop in Cincinnati! What a pleasure to share the day making music, exploring possibilities, and discovering how amazingly creative and artistic you all are! What a joyful group of people! 



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A few things came up in the workshop and I wanted to share some more information for you on a few questions that were shared. 

ActivInspire Presentation Software

First, the presentation software that I use is called ActivInspire. Read more about ActivInspire and how to download a trial copy of it here.

I use ActivInspire to create a lot of visuals for instruction for both school-age and adult learners. I also have several resource packs that I’ve created that provide rhythms, melodies, instrument configurations like those we saw in the workshop as well as ukulele chords. If you’re interested in these, I will share these with you as well. Just e-mail me with this request. 

Teaching with Orff

This is a website that is brought to use by the Studio 49 Brand of Orff Instruments and the great folks at MMB Music, the U.S. Distributor of Studio 49. They have created a community of collective sharing of ideas and information including lesson plans from outstanding Orff Schulwerk teachers and even educators from outside the world of Orff Schulwerk with distinctive connections to our work as elemental music and movement facilitators. Please check out the site and do your self a favor:

Sign up for the Teaching with Orff e-mail list 

When you sign up for this regular e-mail, you get amazing ideas for lessons and professionally enriching e-mails sent to your inbox every other week or so. Here are a few posts that I’ve shared, as well as a few by your very own, Lissa Ray!

Teaching with Orff Posts by Drue Bullington

Take a look at the Instrument Storage Posts 1 and 2 for ideas about how to store ukuleles and recorders in your teaching space. Surf around the site for great ideas from other authors about using the recorder, ukulele, and barred instruments with students as well to create amazing musical experiences! 

Teaching with Orff Posts by Lissa Ray

She is an amazing resource! Her instrument repair ideas are world famous– seriously, people all over the world watch these to figure out how to repair damaged instruments to get them back in circulation with their students! 


Lissa Ray and I are both on the board of the American Center for Elemental Music and Movement. We have several projects coming to launch soon that you may want to know about. 

First, we’ll soon be offering a Spark Grant opportunity for small creative projects in your classroom and school. We’ll give you free money to do cool stuff in your classroom!! 

Second, we are offering our 7th Beacon Scholarship. These are larger dollar amount awards for pursuit of advanced study in elemental music and movement courses and/or creative large-scale projects involving active participation of learners of any age within your local community.

Third, we will be announcing a Retreat and Jamboree that we’ll be hosting in the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York in late June. This is an opportunity to receive professional development credit in a relaxing nature centered environment. 

To find our more about all of these great opportunities, check out the website at and sign up for the ACEMM email list as well!

Bonus Materials

Workshop Main Session Notes – Usually I update the notes to reflect exactly what we did in the workshop. In this case, there are two things that we didn’t really get to, the Samiotissa story which goes with the ukulele part 1, and Who Has Seen the Wind, which was part of the recorder session in part 3.

These notes are all as they were originally presented in the workshop. From these digital notes you will be able to click on the live links and gain access to a lot of PDF copies of resources suitable for printing, and sharing with your students. 

Google Drive Folder with Bonus Materials

In this folder I have placed several of the materials that we used. 

ActivInspire Flipchart files.

Active Inspire PDF files of the flipcharts (these are static image files, but widely accessible)

Printable cookie rhythm cards and templates. 

*I offer these materials to participants of this workshop and members of the Cincinnati Orff Schulwerk Chapter for their use expressly and solely in their own teaching with children in their respective school setting. These are not to be shared beyond that specific designated use. Please obtain permission from the author, Drue Bullington, prior to sharing them or using these materials in any other way. Thank you!

I wish you all the best, please reach out to me with any questions or if I can help you in any way! Thank you for the invitation to present in Cincinnati!

    ~ Drue