Affiliated Organizations

American Orff Schulwerk Association

AOSA50-logo (1).jpgAOSA, now going strong for over half a century, is a professional organization of educators dedicated to the creative music and movement approach developed by Carl Orff and Gunild Keetman.

The Mission of AOSA is:

  • to demonstrate the value of Orff Schulwerk and promote its widespread use;
  • to support the professional development of our members; and,
  • to inspire and advocate for the creative potential of all learners.

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Drue Bullington: Teacher Educator and Workshop Clinician

I am fortunate enough to be a workshop clinician and teacher educator through the AOSA professional development chapter workshop offerings that occur throughout the school year and two-week graduate courses that occur every summer.

If you or your organization is looking for a course or workshop in elemental music and movement that I could offer, or one of my colleagues could offer, please reach out

The American Center for Elemental Music and Movement


The mission of the American Center for Elemental Music and Movement is to promote the artistic and pedagogical possibilities of elemental music and movement. In the belief that all human beings have the need and capability to express themselves artistically, the Center will offer educational and performance opportunities for children and adults. This will be accomplished through the creation of programs for educators that identify, explore and develop the skills and appreciation of elemental artistic styles.

The focus of the Center’s work will be to bring the humanizing touch of elemental music and movement to all who experience it.

We offer a variety of opportunities to support elemental music and movement experiences in communities and schools. Check out our upcoming offerings at:

Teaching with Orff

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This is a website that is brought to us by the Studio 49 Brand of Orff Instruments and the great folks at MMB Music, the U.S. Distributor of Studio 49. They have created a community of collective sharing of ideas and information including lesson plans from outstanding Orff Schulwerk teachers and even educators from outside the world of Orff Schulwerk with distinctive connections to our work as elemental music and movement facilitators. Please check out the site and do your self a favor:

Sign up for the Teaching with Orff e-mail list 

When you sign up for this regular e-mail, you get amazing ideas for lessons and professionally enriching e-mails sent to your inbox every other week or so. Here are a few posts that I’ve shared, as well as a few by your very own, Lissa Ray!

Teaching with Orff Posts by Drue Bullington

Take a look at the Instrument Storage Posts 1 and 2 for ideas about how to store ukuleles and recorders in your teaching space. Surf around the site for great ideas from other authors about using the recorder, ukulele, and barred instruments with students as well to create amazing musical experiences!

Lancaster Liederkranz Sommer Singspiel


The Lancaster Liederkranz began as a singing club in 1880. The Sommer Singspiel program aims to continue to honor the original goals of the Liederkranz by providing opportunities for the younger generation to experience German music, language, and culture.

In 2015, the Cultural Grant Fund and several area music and German teachers established a 4-day camp that builds skills in music skills including singing, playing instruments, creative movement, and German language, culture, and traditions – including soccer! Check out more information about Sommer Singspiel here.